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UVCTest UVTest (II) / UVTest UV2000 UVCON





UVCTest -) starting on S/N: xxxxx  somewhere around Oct. 2020

UVTests (II) -) starting on S/N: 30150 (June 12, 2019), the first UVTest (II) using the new Touch Panel, KTP700 (successor of the KTP600).

                     -) starting on S/N: 25318 (February, 2015), the first UVTest (II) was introduced and it has the new control system with Siemens S7-1200 PLC and KTP600 Basic mono Touch Panel.

In 2018, there was a review UVTest and update to the latest standards.
The UVTest was never officially changes to UVTest II back on 2015 and when discussed with TUV we were required to change the name to UVTest II everywhere if we wanted to use that name on the name-plate. 
Our product manager decided to keep the name UVTest and therefore all units send after that TUV testing/review was passed were changed back to UVTest. 

Currently we only have two models UVTest and UVCTest on the certificates and that is why the date is added.
Instead of UVTest II we can speak about UVTest (2009-2015) and UVTest (2015- current) since some units had UVTest II on the nameplate and others don’t for that time period.


UVTest instruments are manufactured from Oct. 2009 up to Feb. 2015 with S7-200 PLC system and TP177 micro Touch Panel.


UV2000 instruments manufactured from summer 2001 up to Oct. 2009

All Touch Panels inside the older UV2000 are the TP070.
The UV2000 instruments manufactured after Nov. 2008 (SN: 20393 and higher)
are equipped with the new Touch Panel TP177 micro (same as used inside UVTest).


UVCon instruments have no light control.