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There are various models / types of Ci3/4/5000 instruments manufactured over the years.

Indication when the different models were introduced/manufactured:


Ci4400 since Sept. 2017 (start around SN: 29119)

PPC series (Panel PC) since August 2011

DCS series (ARM9 with SD Card since April 2008

DCS series (ARM7 with Smart Media Card

First Ci3000+ - SN 19608, Shipped November 2006

First Ci4000 – SN 19428, Shipped August 2006

First Ci5000 – SN 20231, Shipped June 2008

Note: a jump was made in Serial Nos. from in the 16000’s up to the 19000’s beginning of 2006

PLC series (Post-Batch) since August 2002

PLC series (Pre-Batch) since 1995 (first Ci4000)

first Ci4000 (SN C4W-1000), Shipped November, 1995

first Ci5000 (SN C5W-1001) Shipped May, 1997

Ci3000 with Eurotherm controllers

first Ci3000F (SN C3F-1000) was shipped in September, 1991

first Ci3000W (SN C3W-1017) was shipped in December 1992